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I started yoga with Mukesh soon after arriving in India from Singapore. I had attended various yoga classes in Australia, Singapore and London over the years however none of them had “clicked” with me and I was not really confident enough to do the poses on my own.
This changed soon after I had a few classes with Mukesh. In India I have been lucky enough to have private lessons in the comfort and privacy of my own home. Private lessons have really worked for me. I could ask all the questions I had before but felt too intimidated to ask in front of a large class.
Mukesh is extremely patient and what works for me is some days I can push myself more than others – Mukesh is able to sense this before I need to tell him. We can work on areas that are important to me. I highly recommend him – anyone that has the chance to work with him is lucky.

Heidi Knight, Senior Manager, Nokia

Natacha ChaponI have always wanted to learn & practice yoga, but each time I was not convinced and quickly demotivated by Yoga experts showing postures which were impossible for me to do and to understand well.
Mukesh explains very professionally the different postures and give you practical examples on how to do. He gives you a full picture on how to position the different parts of your body to properly do the postures and gain in flexibility and motion range.
Since I am practicing yoga with him, I can really feel the improvement. I feel more energetic & relaxed. Now I breath more deeply, feel more tone & strength in muscles. Moreover, it's always a pleasure to do the Yoga class as Mukesh is always enthusiastic & positive!
I strongly recommend his services, at your place or even during an office break!

Natacha Chapon, Manager Sales & Marketing AMECO

UrdhvaMukhaSvaanAsanaMukesh Banka sir is an exceptional yoga trainer. He takes complete interest in his students yoga practice and is dedicated to improving the experience of his students. I have been training with him for over five years and can vouch for his dedication and vast knowledge of yogic practice. He moulds the yoga exercises as per the need and ability of the student and what I like most about him is his effort towards achieving perfection. In every class he ensures quality of the exercises and makes his students strive for perfection.

If one is sincere about learning 'hatha-yoga', particularly from an expert, I would not look beyond Mukesh Banka.

Vidur Singhal, Yoga Enthusiast & Entrepreneur

Levon FondacciI had the good fortune to meet Mukesh right after a serious health crisis culminating in my hospitalization in New Delhi and the amputation of one of my legs.
Although I was told by the doctors that recuperation would be a long drawn out process. But under Mukesh's guidance and gentle Yoga exercises, I was able to regain my strength and develop my atrophied muscles in record time both to the amazement of myself and those around me.
I can only describe my experience with Mukesh as nothing less than magical and Divinely ordained blessing.

Levon Fondacci, Consulting Psychiatrist, Ethiopia

When we took a decision to start weekly yoga sessions at our New Delhi office we were not sure of how it would shape out.

But as it turned out; sessions with Mukesh, conducted in his unique style, were really fruitful. Our employees now eagerly await his sessions and resultant improvements are evident. We are happy to have taken this decision and highly recommend his services.

Vipin Dogra, Director, JASP Engg.&Const. Co. Pvt. Ltd.


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