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EkPadRajkapotGroup Yoga where an instructor teaches a group of 10-15 students works well with students having more-or-less similar fitness levels. In group settings the teacher is time constrained and connot give individual attention. Some of Modern yoga enthusiasts with the constraints of time, declining fitness levels and lack of self-belief  may face difficulty in a group setting. Alternatively some practitioners may find themselves stuck in their practice and may need personalised guidance.

In a private yoga session there is no competition and no need to force or strain. Private Instruction can be set up on a regular basis or periodically during times of change and growth. Private sessions ultimately creates positive change with far greater depth, precision, speed, safety and comfort than is remotely possible in a large group class.

Practicing Yoga withMukesh @ Your Home allows to you practice at a time and pace that suits you best in the comfort of your home. These yoga classes are tailor-made to meet your specific needs and goals. You get the time and attention required to develop, maintain and deepen your practice at your own pace. The  sessions are a dynamic and evolving mix of yogic exercises (Suksham/ Sthul Vyayaams), Yogaasans, Pranayam and Meditation. Enhance every aspect of your life with one-on-one private lessons. I can help people to tune into their true potential through breath, awarenes and movement. To start your journey to ultimate health and wellbeing contact me now.


Privates (one-to-one)- Rs. 1000/- per session - add just Rs. 400/-  and share the session with spouse or a friend.
Semi-Privates (small group) - Rs. 700/- per session per person - for small groups, limited to maximum of Five.

Note: - Prices are the same regardless of level or type of class.

Cancellation Policy…  Your session time and the teacher's time gets reserved for you. Therefore following cancellation policy is followed.

If a private session is cancelled less than 24hours prior to the schedule, full charges for the class would be payable

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Mukesh Banka sir is an exceptional yoga trainer. He takes complete interest in his students yoga practice and is dedicated to improving the experience of his students. I have been training with him for over five years and can vouch for his dedication and vast knowledge of yogic practice. He moulds the yoga exercises as per the need and ability of the student and what I like most about him is his effort towards achieving perfection. In every class he ensures quality of the exercises and makes his students strive for perfection.
If one is sincere about learning 'hatha-yoga', particularly from an expert, I would not look beyond Mukesh Banka.

Vidur Singhal, Runs a Travel Company.| more>>>

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