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KapotAsanaCorporate life comes has its bright and dark sides, “professional hazards” as many would like to brand it. Lucrative  increase in pay-scales & stock options, swankier offices, bigger cars & houses are more often than not combined with exponentially increasing stress, more flying miles, stiffer deadlines, longer working hours and cut throat competition. These results in reduced range of motion, stiffness in neck, shoulders and limbs, back pains, growing waste lines, erratic blood pressure and similar stress & resulting life style conditions.  These all make adverse impact on overall mental & physical health of the work force and thus reduce productivity of the most important corporate resource, humans.

It's common knowledge that Yoga's good for you. It can increase flexibility, combat stress & various diseases, improve immunity, increase muscle tone, bring harmony to mind & body and thus increase efficiency. Overall this is good news for companies and a great reason to make Yoga part of corporate life.

Healthy employees are more efficient. Help your team become stronger, calmer and more able to handle stress and deadlines by giving them the option of making yoga a part of their working life. Their improved physical and mental attitudes will help them become more productive. It's a win, win situation.

Of course, in this kind of activity, chemistry is as important as content, so it's important to meet in person and discuss how regular yoga sessions can benefit your company. So go ahead and contact UrbanYogi now to schedule an appointment.

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When we took a decision to start weekly yoga sessions, we were not sure of how it would shape out. But as it turned out; sessions with Mukesh, conducted in his unique style, were really fruitful and inspiring.
Our employees now eagerly await his sessions and resultant improvements are evident. We are happy to have taken this decision.

Vipin Dogra - Director, JASP India Pvt. Ltd..| more>>>

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