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About Mukesh Banka-The UrbanYogi

ArdhMatasyanderAsanaYoga is my passion; it challenges, strengthens, encourages and educates me on a daily basis. This process of self-improvement and self-exploration that starts on the mat continues outside it also. Through persistence, patience and continued practice; I am able to lead a healthier life and seamlessly merge these benefits achieved on yoga mat with my everyday life. Yoga practice for me is about learning to live a balanced life in modern urban world.

In the early 1980's, I was introduced to traditional hatha yoga under the guidance of a remarkable and captivating teacher and so began a journey. I consider myself extremely lucky in having been taught by various masters from different disciplines, backgrounds and teaching approaches. I continue to travel to learn from yoga masters and enhance my understanding and try to maintain a beginners mind.

In my classes, I bring my understandings of these various backgrounds and approaches with specific focus on breath, anatomy and alignment. A liberal use of available props like chairs, tables, towels, blankets, cushions, belts, blocks etc. and creating or modifying viniyasas/ sequence of poses that my students may practice according to their specific needs and goals.

Having worked in IT and PR for many years, I'm no stranger in the corporate world. I have enjoyed bouquets and brickbats that corporate life brings with it. I have been providing Yoga training to students of all levels since 2000 using an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary styles. My experience, education, and exposures, give me an uncanny insight into the demands of a modern lifestyle and holistic multifaceted physical development. This blend of experience along with a scientific bent-of-mind, compassionate and systematic teaching style, has enabled me to develop a unique approach - an approach that has and still continues to help people from all walks of life to improve and exceed their personal fitness goals.


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I have always wanted to learn & practice yoga, but each time I was not convinced and quickly demotivated by Yoga experts showing postures which were impossible for me to do and to understand well.
Mukesh explains very professionally the different postures and give you practical examples on how to do. He gives you a full picture on how to position the different parts of your body to properly do the postures and gain in flexibility and motion range. Since I am practicing yoga with him, I can really feel the improvement. I feel more energetic & relaxed. Now I breath more deeply, feel more tone & strength in muscles. Moreover, it's always a pleasure to do the Yoga class as Mukesh is always enthusiastic & positive!
I strongly recommend his services, at your place or even during an office break!

Natacha Chapon, Manager Sales & Marketing AMECO. | more>>>

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