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Welcome to World of Mukesh Banka-The UrbanYogi

Yoga is my passion; it challenges, strengthens, encourages and educates me on a daily basis. This process of self-improvement and self-exploration that starts on the mat continues outside it also. Yoga practice for me is about learning to live a balanced life in modern urban world. I provide Yoga training for students of all levels using an electic mix of traditional and contemporaty styles.

"The UrbanYogi" approach combines the physical aspects i.e yogasanas & yogic exercises; along with exploration of yoga’s potential for personal development and self- awareness through pranayama and meditation. This combination of Yogasanas, Pranayama and focused awareness & relaxation techniques would allow you to connect with your true self. Through persistence, patience and continued practice you would be able to lead a healthier life and understand your thoughts, feelings and reactions and benefits achieved on yoga mat and would begin to merge to the everyday life.

UrbanYogi @ Your Home

Practicing Yoga @ Home allows to you practice at a time and pace that suits you best in the comfort of your home. These yoga classes are tailor-made to meet your needs and goals. In addition you get the time and attention required to develop, maintain and deepen your practice. | more>>>

Corporate Wellness with UrbanYogi

Start yoga training at your company and watch your team be stronger, calmer and more able to handle stress & deadlines by giving them the option of making yoga a part of their working life. Their improved physical and mental attitudes will help them become more productive.| more>>>

Rejuvinate @ UrbanYogi Retreats

Yoga Retreats are great way to combine holidays and your passion for Yoga. Join us for a Yoga Retreat on the beach of Holy Ganges, for 5 days (25 May - 29 May 2012) of Yoga, Ayuervedic Massage, Meditation & Paranayam in the lap of nature along with rafting, trekking, camping.| more>>>

Testimonials - What is the buzz on UrbanYogi.................

I started yoga with Mukesh soon after arriving in India from Singapore. I had attended various classes in Australia, Singapore and London over the years however none of them had “clicked” with me and I was not really confident enough to do the poses on my own.
This changed soon after I had a few classes with Mukesh. In India I have been lucky enough to have private lessons in the comfort and privacy of my own home. Private lessons have really worked for me. I could ask all the questions I had before but felt too intimidated to ask in front of a large class.
Mukesh is extremely patient and what works for me is some days I can push myself more than others – Mukesh is able to sense this before I need to tell him. We can work on areas that are important to me. I highly recommend him – anyone that has the chance to work with him is lucky.

Heidi Knight, works at Nokia India. | more>>>

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